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when characters are like me: xander harris

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Reaction fic to that last GIF:

A few weeks after Finn’s death, Blaine starts going over to the Hummel’s house more often. He goes when Burt’s at work and Sam’s out and he knows that Carole is home alone. He always pretends that he didn’t realize Sam wouldn’t be home because Carole would fuss if she knew Blaine was coming over just to check on her.

He never tells Kurt about it. He doesn’t do it to win any special brownie points. He does it because he can tell that Carole isn’t handling Finn’s death as well as she’s letting on and he knows that she enjoys the distraction of having a teenager in the house to take care of again. Carole is the best mom Blaine’s ever met and it’s unfair that she had to lose her son when so many terrible mothers are out there who don’t even try.

She bakes him cookies and he tells her funny stories from Glee club. He knows how important Glee was to Finn, and in turn how happy hearing all their crazy anecdotes makes her. Then when she starts to get sad, Blaine puts on some U2 and makes Carole sing with him. She’s always embarrassed about it but she does it and it helps melt away some of her sadness, even if only for the length of the song.

He never tells anyone about his visits with Carole — he doesn’t do it for anyone else but her. Still, he’s pretty sure everybody knows about them anyway.

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So I started watching Bob’s Burgers on Netflix. If my soul was a person it would be Tina.

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mom… dad… i’m…

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in Ireland you’re not even allowed to look at alcohol on Good Friday, let alone buy it. Dirty heathens.

sometimes i forget how catholic this country is